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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2017 11:37AM PDT
We recommend taking a few minutes to customize your RightSignature account to take advantage of the best features for your business. Here are 7 simple steps for getting started:

1. Personal and Company Information

First, review and edit your personal and company information. To access these settings, login to RightSignature and navigate to Account > General. Your Personal Information and Company Information are on the right.

Your Personal Information includes your name, email address, and time zone. These should be filled in by default when you create your RightSignature account. However, if you need to change these at any time, input your new name, email, or time zone into the fields provided, then click the “Update Personal Information” button.

It's important that your Company Information is correct, as your company name, position, and phone number will be shown to the signers of your documents in the “need help?” drop-down menu, in case they have any questions about the content of your document. 

Accurate Company Information is critical to bolster signers' confidence and increase your document completion rates. To provide or update this information for your signers, type your company name, position, and phone number into the boxes provided, then click the “Update Company Information” button.

​Note that if you decide to change your password at any time, you may do so on this screen.

2. Signature Settings

​RightSignature offers 7 different ways to sign documents—however, only 5 of these are enabled by default. To enable the 2 additional signature methods, navigate to Account > Settings, then scroll down to the “Signature Settings” section.

In this section, you will see checkboxes to enable two signing methods, ”Default Typed-Signatures On” and “Default Sign via Webcam On”. Here is an overview of each method:
  • Typed Signatures allow your signers to sign your documents by typing their names instead of drawing their signatures using a mouse, trackpad, or touchscreen.
  • Sign via Webcam allows your signers to write their signatures in black ink on white paper, then take a picture of the signature using the computer’s webcam.

To enable either of these signing methods, click the adjacent checkbox so that it is checked, and the text besides it reads "Enabled." Now, each document you send will allow your signers to utilize that signing method.

Signers will be able to select Type-to-Sign from the Other Signature Options drop-down menu in the lower left signature pad on the document signing screen.

Please note that Typed Signatures and Sign via Webcam are as legally binding as the popular Biometric Signature methods (which capture hand-drawn signatures using a mouse, trackpad, or mobile device touchscreen). However, if a signer uses Typed Signatures or Sign via Webcam, RightSignature is not able to capture Biometric Signature data (including the speed and timing of the signer's unique hand movement), which provides the highest level of identity authentication.

For more information, see our in-depth article on signing methods.

3. Email Notifications

The “Settings” tab also includes settings to control when email notifications are sent to you and your document signers, and how they appear. This section is located above the “Signature Settings” on the “Settings” tab.

In this section, the “Attach completed PDF” setting is especially important. By default, when a document is completed, RightSignature sends an email notification to all parties with the completed document attached in PDF format as a convenience. However, for security reasons, some companies prefer that these PDF documents not be distributed through email. To disable this setting, click the “Attach completed PDF” checkbox so it is unchecked and the text beside it reads "Disabled."

4. Managing Users on a Multi-User Account

RightSignature customers with accounts at the Business level and higher have the ability to add additional users with individual login information under a company-wide RightSignature account. Multi-User Accounts allow all your team members to send documents for signature and share resources such as Reusable Templates and Online Forms. In addition, account administrators have monitoring and reporting access for complete visibility into your company's signature workflows.

It's important to note that your signers (people to whom you send documents for signature) are not users on your account. Signers do not need a RightSignature account to review and sign documents.

To manage the users on your RightSignature account, navigate to Account > Users. On the left side of the window you will see a list of all users on your account. To the right, you'll see the number of users you may add to your account under your selected plan level.

On this screen, your account owner and administrators can manage their account’s users in the following ways:
  • Add a new user: To add a new user to your account, type that user’s Name and Email address into the text boxes on the right side of your browser window, then click the “Add User to Account” button.
  • Remove a user: To remove a user from your account, locate that user’s name and email address in the list of users on the left-hand side of your window. Next, click the gear icon beside that user’s name. In the window that opens, click “Remove User”, then click “OK”.
  • Set Administrator Privileges: Account owners can designate other users as “Administrators”, giving those users many of the same privileges as the account owner. To add or remove administrator privileges to a user account, locate that user’s name and email address in the list of users on the left-hand side of your window. Next, click the gear icon beside that user’s name. In the window that opens, click “Make Admin” or “Remove Admin”.
For more information, see our in-depth article on the benefits and features of multi-user accounts.

5. Choose the Signature Request Feature that Fits Your Business

RightSignature offers 3 primary ways to get documents signed. Take a moment to learn about each of them, so you can choose the signature request feature that's best suited to your business processes.

Send a One-Off Document—Send a custom document one time

To send a custom document for signature to one or multiple signers, click the “Send a Document” button, then upload any PDF or Word file from your computer. Type the name and email address of each recipient, then click Next for the Document Overlay screen. Here, simply drag and drop each field you want your signer to complete from the toolbox on the left onto your document. When you are finished, click Send for Signature. RightSignature sends email notifications to signers containing a unique link to review and sign the document online.

To learn how to send a One-Off Document, watch our Sending One-Off Documents tutorial video.

Reusable Templates—Send the same document again and again

Reusable Templates are RightSignature documents that you can create once and send over and over again. Use Reusable Templates when you have a document you need signed regularly—for example, an I-9 form, a new client information form, or a photo release form. Note that just like One-Off Documents, Reusable Templates may be set up to accommodate one or multiple signers, and RightSignature sends email notifications to signers containing a unique link to sign online.

To learn how to create and send Reusable Templates, watch our Reusable Templates tutorial video, or read our full article.

Online Forms—For mass distribution or embedding in your website

Finally, RightSignature offers our Online Forms feature. Like creating a fillable PDF form online, RightSignature Online Forms works best for documents you wish to distribute widely, or embed on your website. Note that Online Forms cannot have multiple signers on a single document—each signer must sign a separate instance of your Online Form.

To learn how to create, distribute, and embed Online Forms, watch our Online Forms tutorial video, or read our full article.


That's it—your account is ready for use and customized to your business. Welcome to RightSignature! If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly support team.

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