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Last Updated: Jul 12, 2017 10:32AM PDT

Can I change a signer's email address or edit a document after it has been sent?
A signer's email address cannot be changed unless it bounces back as invalid. If you need to make changes to a pending RightSignature document still awaiting signature, you can trash the document and send a new document.
To trash a pending RightSignature document, select the document from your Dashboard by clicking on the thumbnail image or title of the document. Then, click Move to Trash under the document thumbnail on the Document Details screen. Trashed documents can no longer be signed. If a document has been signed by all parties then it cannot be trashed.

To save time when recreating your document, we suggest using the Import Overlay feature.

How do I check the status of a document out for signature?
Hover over any signer on a document and that party's individual status will be displayed, or click on any document to see detailed status information.

How do I send a reminder email to recipients who haven't signed?
RightSignature automatically sends reminder emails containing the secure signing link: 
• 3 days after the initial send date
• 7 days after the initial send date
• 1 day before the document’s expiration date
This setting is located under Account > Settings > Email Settings.
If you wish to manually send an additional reminder email, navigate to your Dashboard, click on the pending document and click Send Reminder under the document thumbnail on the Document Details screen.


How do I find a document on my Dashboard?
If you cannot find a specific document, first make sure your Dashboard filters are set to display the desired document list. Click the buttons for Completed, Pending, and Expired to select or deselect these filters, which determine the documents displayed in the list. Please note trashed documents appear under the Expired listing. Click the button with the clock icon to filter your list by the time each document was sent.
Alternatively, you can use the search bar next to the filters to search for specific documents. You can search using a document’s title, filename, or tags, as well as the name or email address of a document party.


Can I download more than one completed document at a time?
Currently, there is no way to download multiple documents at once from the Dashboard. To manually download a single document after it has been signed, go to your Dashboard and select the document from the listing by clicking on the document title or the thumbnail image of the document. On the Document Details screen, you can select Download Signed PDF underneath the image of the document.


In your account settings, you can specify to have completed PDFs attached to the confirmation emails that are delivered to all parties after a document is executed.
Documents can also be downloaded via the RightSignature API. If you are interested in developing an API integration to automate the retrieval of the signed PDFs in your RightSignature account, please contact the RightSignature API Team.

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