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Last Updated: Nov 03, 2017 07:41AM PDT

What does the RightSignature API do?​
The RightSignature API, or Application Programming Interface, gives users the ability to automate and integrate the functionality of RightSignature with external applications.

With the appropriate development resources, the API can be used to create a seamless document workflow with any outside application. Embedding a document for signature, automating the data merging and document creation process, and exporting documents to an external location are just a few of the possibilities.

Can I embed RightSignature in my website?
Yes. The RightSignature API can be used to embed the document signing event in an external interface.
Please note, Online Forms can also be used to embed documents in an external interface without the use of the API.

How do I set a default callback URL?
A callback URL is a specified location to which RightSignature will automatically POST XML updates each time the status of a document changes. The callback URL is often used in conjunction with the RightSignature APU to automate status updates and the retrieval of signed documents. For more information on the specific POST events, please visit the Callbacks API documentation.

To set a default callback URL, first click Account, followed by Settings. Under Advanced Settings, you can designate and save the Default Callback URL. This option can only be set by an Admin user. The default callback URL will, however, apply to every user on the account.

How do I gain access to the RightSignature API?
To apply for an API consumer key, click Account and select API. Next, click Register New API Key and fill out the application.

While Read-Only API access is available on every account level, Read-and-Write API access is only available on Enterprise level accounts.

What is the difference between Read-Only API access and Read-and-Write API access?
Read-Only API access gives users the ability to access RightSignature data via the API. Status updates, signed PDFs, and document data can all be retrieved with Read Only API access.

Read-and-Write API access gives users full access to the RightSignature API. Sending documents, creating templates, and embedding documents into an external interface are some of the implementations that require Read and Write API access. 

Does RightSignature provide professional development services?
No, RightSignature does not currently offer professional development services.

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