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Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 12:30PM PDT

As a signer, you are not able to complete and submit a document until you have filled in all of the information required by the sender. RightSignature has tools to help you detect where the remaining to-do's are.

Completion Bar
At the top of the document, a countdown feature shows the number of tasks completed and the number of tasks left to do. The red count (to do) has to be at 0 in order to submit the document. At this point the percentage meter will read 100% complete.

Red flags appear next to all required fields, and gray flags appear next to all optional fields which may or may not be pertinent to you.

The NaviGuide™ is a red arrow that moves along the left side of the document in real time to direct you to the next required field. You may click the NaviGuide™ to move to the next field you are required to complete.

The RightTrack™ feature on the right side of the screen provides a visual image of the document with the incomplete pages shown in red. When a page is complete the bar turns green.

Where do I sign the document?
Sign the document in the signature pad at the bottom left-hand corner of your browser. Sign your name by placing the mouse cursor inside the signature pad, clicking and holding your mouse or trackpad, and creating your signature.
You may sign in a larger, full-screen signature pad by clicking the Fullscreen button in the upper right-hand corner of the signature pad at the bottom of your screen.
Don't worry! Your online signature does not need to look identical to your pen signature. It is still legally valid.

How do I change my signature?
While you are signing a document, you may sign several times until you create a signature you like. Online, to clear your signature and try again, click the "Retry" icon in the signature box. On an iPhone, shake the phone to clear your signature.
Once you have submitted your signature on a document, it cannot be changed or deleted, just as if you had signed a paper document. This is a security measure to maintain the integrity of executed contracts.
Note that your signature on one document is not stored for future signings. The signature you submit is only applied to the document you signed. Each time you sign a document, you will have an opportunity to make a new signature.

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