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How do I add users?

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017 11:32AM PDT

If you are not an Admin user on your company’s account and wish to add other users, contact the owner of the account.
If you are an Admin or Owner, follow the steps below to add a new user to your account:

  1. Once logged in, click Account
  2. Click the Users tab
  3. Type in the new user’s name and email address and click Add button
  4. By default, new users are established as Standard users, which have the ability to send documents and to create Reusable Templates
  5. If you wish to give a new user Administrative status, which adds the ability to add and remove users and view documents sent by all users on the account, click the Standard icon and then click the link Promote to Admin
  6. New users receive an email from RightSignature containing a username (email address) and temporary password to login. After initial login, the new user will be prompted to create a permanent password

What is the difference between a Standard user and an Admin user?
Both Standard and Admin users have access to RightSignature’s critical features, including the ability to send documents, create Reusable Templates, and view documents in the Dashboard.

When logged into the Dashboard, a Standard user can only see his or her own documents. An Admin user can view his or her own documents, plus those of other users on the account. An Admin user can also edit all of the templates in the account, while a Standard user can only edit a template he or she has created. Finally, an Admin user can access the account usage reports, while a Standard user cannot.

There is no limit to the number of Admin users you can set for your account. The account Owner is the only user who can promote Standard users to Admin users. To promote a Standard user to an Admin user, log into RightSignature as the Owner and click Account, followed by the Users tab. Next, click the cog icon next to the user you wish to promote and select Promote to Admin

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